Holistic Spa Mia Bacalar

Holistic Spa Mia Bacalar

We offer you an alternative to relax and renew your body and mind with different massage techniques, aromatherapy and other body and facial treatments that will help you achieve a feeling of well-being and relaxation. The holistic spa current deals with all aspects, which encompasses our person both physically and spiritually. Our spa services usually stimulate the senses, with the use of oils, essences and flower baths that will help you feel good about yourself.

Holistic massage comes from traditional practices that include different techniques that seek to release the energy that is accumulated and blocked through physical stimuli and a connection with mental aspects.

Through the sense of touch, smell and massage, the aim is to relax the muscles with the use of the therapeutic properties of oils and essences. In this way, it seeks to release tensions and open the energy channels of the body that are obstructed.

The goal of holistic massage is to remove these blocks that prevent us from reaching balance and starting a healthy lifestyle.spa-mia.webp

Mía Bacalar’s holistic spa is the perfect place to escape the stressful life of the city, and relax in an environment surrounded by nature in one of the most visited places in the Riviera Maya.