5 reasons to fall in love with the Lagoon at Bacalar

5 reasons to fall in love with the Lagoon at Bacalar

You can fall in love for the strangest of reasons, at first sight, chemistry, physics, a smile, the eyes or hands… however there is nothing strange about falling in love with a lagoon, it is true and sincere and, without exchanging a word, you see it and fall under a spell that can never become undone. Afterwards you start seeing the smallest of details, the hidden treasures in every corner and unique place and you fall even more in love.

Its seven colors

The Bacalar lagoon gets its name from the 7 different shades of blue that can be seen from anywhere you look at it. The variations are due to the different types of soil on the bottom, the shallow water levels and the way the lagoon is illuminated. It has deep pools and a low surge, fresh water, cenotes and many more great characteristics but its seven color landscape (they say that it goes from turquoise to Prussian blue) is unparalleled and an irrefutable reason to fall under its spell.

The Stromatolites

These are formations very similar to reefs, they were also a type of submarine trees before trees existed on land,because they released great amounts of oxygen, and they are also the first evidence of life in the planet. Their name means «stratified rock». It is said that when the levels of oxygen increased to around 20 %, millions of years ago, a great variety of organisms bloomed and evolved. Thus, due to their pre-historic beauty, because they are living fossils and life-givers, these organisms in the Bacalar Lagoon are lovable.stromatolites-bacalar.webp

Cenote Esmeralda

This small fresh water sinkhole is located inside the lagoon, is 230 feet deep and gets its name from the color of its water. According to various sources, when it comes to emeralds, the most popular and valuable color is a slightly bluish green in a medium or deep tone with a high degree of saturation. In the case of our emerald, the beautiful blue of the water and its underwater springs from where water emerges into the lagoon give it its appeal, value and loveliness.cenote-azul-bacalar.webp

Cenote la bruja (Witch’s cenote)

For whimsical minds, even just the name turns on a flurry of stories and makes it attractive, in reality the witchcraft of this cenote is in its 50 feet deep waters by the lagoon and the submarine fracture in its depths that drops from 3 to 328 feet inside the water. We will not be eaten by the witch but we will allow it to put a spell on us with its deep blue beauty.

Pirates Canal

This canal is man-made and created to connect with other territories, and from that came trade, this sounds practical and boring until pirates come into the mix, as the area suddenly became interesting to buccaneers like Henry Morgan. It has become emblematic for tourists, historical, nostalgic and a treasure for story lovers that fall in love with the landscape but also with what their imagination concocts.

We fall in love from the moment we see it but getting to know it more deeply the Lagoon of Seven colors allows us to see its hidden beauty which make it even more attractive through the eyes of love. 

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