Vacation with Your Pet at Mía Bacalar: A Pet-Friendly Paradise

Vacation with Your Pet at Mía Bacalar: A Pet-Friendly Paradise

Discover the Harmony between Nature and Companionship in Our Pet-Friendly Hotel

Traveling with your pet can be an incredibly rewarding experience, and at Mía Bacalar, we strive to make your stay as comfortable and enjoyable as possible for both you and your furry companion. Here, we not only offer pet-friendly accommodations but also a variety of services and activities designed for both you and your pet to make the most of your getaway together.

Imagine starting the day with a delightful outdoor meal with your pet. As you savor a delicious breakfast, your four-legged friend enjoys their own special meal, sharing a unique and relaxing moment under Bacalar's warm sun.




Discover the Experience of Vacationing with Your Pet at Mía Bacalar

After breakfast, how about a stroll through nature? At Mía Bacalar, we have natural trails specially designed for you and your pet to explore the region's natural beauty together. From lush vegetation to breathtaking panoramic views, each step is a new and exciting adventure to share.

Feeling like cooling off? Nothing beats a dip in the Seven Colors Lagoon. Both you and your pet can enjoy a refreshing swim in these crystal-clear waters, where you can swim, play, and simply relax while immersing yourselves in the serenity of this tropical paradise.




Unforgettable Experiences: Pets Welcome at Mía Bacalar

In the afternoon, why not enjoy a meditation session with your pet? Find a quiet spot near the lagoon, take a deep breath, and let the calm and serenity of the surroundings envelop you as your pet snuggles up beside you, creating a moment of unparalleled connection and harmony.

At Mía Bacalar, every moment is an opportunity to create unforgettable memories with your pet. From sharing meals to exploring nature together, each experience is a celebration of the special bond between you and your faithful friend. So don't wait any longer, come and join us for a pet-friendly getaway you'll never forget!