What to do in Bacalar?

What to do in Bacalar?

Bacalar is listed as one of the 6 Magical Towns of the State of Quintana Roo, Mexico, just 24 miles from Chetumal, the state capital. It is still a little explored destination so if you want to get away from the bustle of big cities, it is perfect for a restful vacation with its moments of peaceful silence.

Bacalar is the ideal destination to experience magical moments. This charming town holds a wonder of nature that is a must see, the emblematic lagoon of 7 colors. Its different hues are due to the great variety of vegetation and the water spaces at different depths which make it unique and explore-worthy. It is surrounded by mangroves and some water caves as well as several cenotes which overflowed and gave rise to this magnificent site. 

Activities at Bacalar

San Felipe Fort


San Felipe Fort became a strategic site to defend the city from pirates, who arrived eager for the wealth they could obtain from the exotic products found in the new land; commerce was then one of the issues at the core of the armed conflict over control of the area.

At San Felipe Fort one can still appreciate part of the artillery used in battle. The fort is currently a museum with recreations of famous pirate attacks in Bacalar. The ambient sound and six video screens will make you feel close to the battlefield.

Cenote Azul


This is one of the most emblematic sites in the area with spectacular views, nearby restaurants with great local food and, best of all, a unique chance to enjoy nature and relax.  It is truly spectacular with its 656 feet in diameter and especially attractive for diving and snorkeling enthusiasts with a depth of 295 feet. It is necessary to know how to swim or to wear a life jacket when visiting. This Cenote is one of the best destinations to snorkel in Quintana Roo.

Discover the stromatolites at Bacalar Lagoon


Stromatolites are, in a nutshell, rocks that have life: they represent some of the oldest living structures in the world. Their cyanobacterial structures provide oxygen; they are “the lungs” of the region and it is very important to keep them alive.

You can enjoy these fantastic living organisms that are a great attraction in Bacalar in a responsible way: as part of the protocols for their care, it is important never to touch them or climb on them, because they are very fragile living matter which can quickly become extinct. These natural treasures are a very important part of the ecosystem and it is a privilege to discover them.

The Ichkabal mayan Ruins


This site represents one of the greatest archaeological finds of the Mayan culture, with remnants from the most important periods of this civilization dating from the year 400 BC until almost 1,500 A.D. Due to its size, it is considered one of the 3 major Mayan cities; some consider it larger than Chichen Itza and more important than Calakmul. Ichkabal was an important trade center between the Yucatan and Central America thus a strategic city in the pre-Hispanic world.

Kayaking in the lagoon


One of the most enjoyable ways to experience Bacalar Lagoon is on a Kayak. Sunscreen is highly recommended as this activity. and the time it will take to do it. will depend on your fitness level, your rowing skills and your endurance.  However, you may prefer a slow pace to truly appreciate the views or take photos.

Sunrise in Bacalar


To witness an impressive sunrise, there is no better way than staying by Bacalar lagoon,  and one of the most striking places to enjoy this captivating, unforgettable experience is Mía Bacalar hotel, a boutique accommodation where comfort is emphasized through a perfect balance between nature and luxury. This is the place to enjoy Bacalar at its very best.