MÍA Bacalar

Early Booking Benefits

Connect with Nature at Bacalar

Up to 30% Off by Booking with 2 Months in Advanced


Make the most of your next getaway by booking in advance at Mía Bacalar. With our Early Booking Offer, you can enjoy up to 30% off when booking 2 months in advance. Reserve your stay at our exclusive hotel and take advantage of discounted rates for an unforgettable experience in one of Mexico's most enchanting destinations


A luxury vacation awaits you in Mexico's hidden paradise, Bacalar Pueblo Magico.


  • #1 Luxury Hotel in Bacalar
  • Private dock at the lagoon
  • Transportation from Chetumal
  • Member of the 100 Imperdibles
  • Tripadvisor Awards Winners

Don't Wait Any Longer & Gift Yourself the Vacation that You Deserve!


Immerse yourself in the crystal-clear waters of the seven-colors lagoon and explore the rich history and culture of this unique destination while enjoying the tranquility and comfort of Mía Bacalar.


Remember, early booking has its benefits.

Early Booking Benefits